The Project

This work was completed as part of the Pixels vs. Print workshop – an annual workshop within Newhouse designed to help a deserving non-profit organization with their design needs. This logo was a team effort amongst many designers but my logo idea was the one that was chosen by my fellow design students, coaches, and representatives of the Southside community.


I am really proud of the symbolism within this logo that works to show the positive story of the Southside neighborhood. The six segments represent the six different areas of the Southside, the heart design is representative of the artisan ironwork that adorns the older Syracuse houses, and the sun symbolism shows show the warmth and positivity of the neighborhood as they fight against poverty and stigmas associated with their area. This logo is currently being used for a variety of purposes across the Southside, including a new sign to mark visitors entrance to the Southside area.

The Role

Graphic Design

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 11.55.26
Logo use.jpg

Photo credits: @SyracuseHistory on Instagram

The Process